By Evie Carrick
Feb 3 2016

My 29 year of life has so far been spent preparing for my 30s. I’ve tried numerous times to stop loving candy (with no success) and left the steady stream of a full-time career behind to try to make it as a freelance writer based in Bali. Most recently, my ageing obsession has shifted to my vagina, thanks to the Diva Cup. In the spirit of being a health-conscious, environmentally aware adult, I decided to swear off tampons. Enter the DivaCup. Though I wasn’t sure which Model I’d need — the Model 1, the site says, is recommended for women under 30 who’ve yet to give birth or have a c-section, and the Model 2 is for women 30 and older who have given birth and/or had a c-section — I went figured I’d start with the Model 1 and take it from there.

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