Massage Therapy

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is focused on increasing mental and physical wellness by soothing sore muscles and joints, as well as increasing circulation and promoting recovery. This type of massage utilizes Swedish techniques, deep tissue, and myofascial release to promote relaxation.

Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD) is a light, gentle, and rhythmical massage used to promote the circulation of the body’s fluids throughout the lymphatic system. MLD helps reduce inflammation, cellular waste, and swelling. MLD is great for promoting recovery & immune system response while also being relaxing.

Therapeutic Massage

Remedial Massage focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. This type of massage uses a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and Swedish massage techniques. Treatments may also include self-stretching education and remedial exercise to maximize your results! Orthopedic massage is great for recovery and injury prevention.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is focused on assessing, treating, and preventing sports injuries. This type of massage uses many techniques such as myofascial release, Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point release, and PNF stretching. Sports massage is great for boosting recovery as well as helping decrease overuse injuries like tendinitis & plantar fasciitis. Stretching and Remedial exercise may also be given to help maximize treatment benefits.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage(or pre-natal massage) is massage therapy tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress & swelling in the limbs and helps relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. Perfect for treating low back pain that many women experience during pregnancy as well as helping reduce depression and anxiety.

This treatment utilizes Swedish massage & relaxation techniques in side-lying & prone positions with extra support(pillows) for your comfort!

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