Also known as anal steaming, lingam, or seat fumigation, Perineal steams involve sitting over a pot of herb-infused (customized blend of herbs) for 15-20 minutes this is a self-care tool that men can access for their physical, emotional and energetic health and healing.

Benefits of a Perineal steam for men can include:

    • Shrinks enlarged prostate, improves prostate healthSoothes pain and pressure from hemorrhoids, while supporting healthy blood flow
    • Strengthens, cleanses and tones increases circulation
    • Fights bacteria and infections
    • Supports relaxation
    • Emotionally and energetically cleansing and purifying

Prostate Health:

The herbal steam blend brings gentle heat to the body and encourages oxygen-rich blood-flow to the pelvic bowl. This in turn can support preventing congestion, swelling and inflammation to the prostate. The prostate gland is located behind and below the bladder. If it becomes congested can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatis and frequent urination.
We have a full protocol for Perineal steaming for men that includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, lifestyle changes and diet.

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